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Arizona based Photographer

My name is Kinjal Joshi! I was born in Mumbai, India and moved to Florida when I was twelve. There, I studied Cardio-Pulmonary Science and eventually started my professional life as a Respiratory Therapist.
So how did I get into photography? Well, I was originally inspired when I began my small family. With my son, my husband, and our fur baby Teddy Bear, I knew that I wanted to preserve the memories we made together. I’d never had professional photos taken of me before, and was hit with the idea that hey, I could do it myself!
After I realized that, I got right to work. I started taking photos of my family to start, though they hardly had a choice in the matter. I worked with my son for so long that whenever he is in front of a camera he will automatically pose and smile now! I knew that this amazing feeling was something I wanted to share with the world, so... I did!
To wrap up this get-to-know-me, let me tell you what my three wishes in my life would be: for everyone to be happy with their lives, to travel the world, and- of course- to achieve world peace! (Major brownie points if you know which movie my third wish came from!)

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