After I realized that, I got right to work. I started taking photos of my family to start, though they hardly had a choice in the matter. I worked with my son for so long that whenever he is in front of a camera he will automatically pose and smile now! I knew that this amazing feeling was something I wanted to share with the world, so... I did!
To wrap up this get-to-know-me, let me tell you what my three wishes in my life would be: for everyone to be happy with their lives, to travel the world, and- of course- to achieve world peace! (Major brownie points if you know which movie my third wish came from!)

My name is Kinjal Joshi! I was born in Mumbai, India and moved to Florida when I was twelve. There, I studied Cardio-Pulmonary Science and eventually started my professional life as a Respiratory Therapist.
So how did I get into photography? Well, I was originally inspired when I began my small family. With my son, my husband, and our fur baby Teddy Bear, I knew that I wanted to preserve the memories we made together. I’d never had professional photos taken of me before, and was hit with the idea that hey, I could do it myself!


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we work to gather to make your vision come true, I value your input to making the session enjoyable and memorable for clients. 

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after the initial booking we work to gather to plan our session so there is no doubts last minute. A guide is provided upon booking. 



with my postiive and welcoming demeanor, it creates a safe and kind space to work with couples and families. 



sometimes working with kids can be difficult, as your photographer I am very patient with children to create wonderful portraits

Patient approach


Kinjal is FANTASTIC!!! She goes above and beyond to get the perfect shot. She knows exactly what to say to get you to relax and be as natural as possible (a challenge for me). She was so patient with our kids and dog and knew when the little ones needed a break. I love her creativity and ability to capture more candid photos. The pictures of my kids are incredible! Our family pictures are awesome and unique. I am absolutely thrilled with our experience with Kinjal!- Julie

Shiv Photography took my daughter's Senior pictures. My daughter was so stressed out because the official school pictures were awful (taken by another company). The poses were awkward and my daughter was barely visible because her skin color is darker than what the other photographer was used too. We were thrilled to find a professional photographer that understood how to take pictures of pigmented, ethnic people. Plus, Kinjal was so sweet and patient with my very camera shy child. I highly recommend Shiv Photography- Geeta

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