* Consistent Editing Style: Maintain a consistent editing style across your portfolio to create a cohesive and recognizable body of work. This consistency contributes to the timeless and classic feel of your images.
* Emotion and Connection: Capture genuine moments and emotions in your photographs. Authenticity transcends trends and adds a timeless quality to your work.
* Storytelling: Use your photography to tell a story or convey a narrative. This can add depth and significance to your work, making it more memorable and timeless.
* Attention to Detail: Pay attention to details in your composition and framing. Clean lines, balanced compositions, and thoughtful arrangements contribute to a classic and timeless aesthetic.

* Natural Light: Natural light is a key element in my style of photography. Paying attention to the quality of natural light during different times of the day and use it to our advantage.
* Soft Tones: Embrace soft and pastel tones in post-processing to enhance the light and airy feel. Avoid overly saturated colors, and aim for a timeless and classic color palette.
* Simple Backgrounds: Opt for clean and simple backgrounds that don't distract from your main subject. This can help create a timeless and classic look.
* Classic Poses: Consider incorporating classic and timeless posing techniques, especially for portrait photography. These poses can stand the test of time and add a sense of elegance to your images
* Film Simulation: Experiment with post-processing techniques or presets that mimic the look of film photography. Film-inspired styles often have a timeless and nostalgic quality.


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Please feel free to reach out if you are looking for vendors, I work with amazing DJs, decorators, hair and makeup artists, videographers and chefs

Djs: Rai Verma, Tony, Vivek Amin
Decorators: Vish Decor
Henna: MM art
Videographers: Andrew Millet
Hair and Makeup artists: Ask for details
Chefs: Ask for details

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